Electrical Panel Upgrades

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Keeping You And Your Home Safe

Do you have an old electrical panel in your home? If so, it’s time to replace it. Because electrical panels control all the power in your house, they can get dangerous if not taken care of properly.

Old electrical panels are a fire hazard and can cause short circuits if overloaded. These problems are often caused by outdated or faulty electrical work done decades ago.

It doesn’t matter what type of wiring system you have – our experts know the ins and outs of them all. Plus, they’ll give you tips on how to keep your home safe from potential fires or power surges so that you’ll never have to worry about them ever again.

Deepen The Connections In Your Home

Electrical panels are the heart of your home’s electrical system as they regulate power to all of the circuits that run through it. If you’re thinking of expanding your home and its functionality, electrical panel upgrades are necessary to give your home the extra power it needs to make everything run smoothly.

With an electrical panel upgrade, you can get more power as well as benefit from upgraded safety features that come with a modern electrical system. Besides helping you be up to code, you’ll also be able to install new appliances without worrying about wiring or running out of power.

How It Works

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable with the latest technology and regulations, so you can trust us to get the job done right. The process of upgrading your electrical panel is easy and affordable.

Quick Call

We start by getting on a quick call where we talk about your project. If you think our services are right for you, then we'll come down to see exactly what you need done.

Getting Work Done

We know how important our job is. That’s why we guarantee premium results without sacrificing any of the integrity or value in our work.

Access The Power

Your new extended electrical power is here to stay. It’s time to plug everything in and enjoy the newly created safety and functionality of your home.

Electrical Panel Upgrades Prices

Electrical work can be difficult and different for each job. The materials and the varying amount of electricity you need in every room all come into play when calculating the cost of an electrical panel upgrade. No matter the size of your project, we want you to feel confident that your home is in good hands. Our electricians take pride in their high-quality workmanship!

Basic Electrical Panel Upgrade*

$800 - 1.5k

Includes a small panel upgrade.

Average Electrical Panel Upgrade*

$2.2 - 3.5k

Includes a medium-sized panel upgrade.

High-End Electrical Panel Upgrade*

$6k - 9k

Includes a large panel upgrade.

*The prices shown above are averages and may change depending on the materials and the products used, as well as the amount of electrical power your new system will need to provide after upgrade work. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique electrical panel upgrade project after the in-house consultation.

Electrical Panel Upgrades Portfolio

We specialize in upgrading old panels to new ones that are safer, more reliable, and better for the environment. Browse our gallery below and together we’ll help you find the perfect solution for your property needs.


Lighting Upgrades Completed


Electrical Panel Upgrades Achieved


Troubleshooting Missions Accomplished

Here’s What Our Customers Say…

We know how important it is for you to feel safe in your own home, so we’re always going the extra mile to make sure you’re comfortable and informed about everything that we do. Our customers know they can trust us with their homes and families, regardless of what type of electrical work they need done.


Lamarr Shorts

Louis did an amazing job, he was timely with the job, was very knowledgeable of his work, and made it very simple for me to understand. He completed all the work that he was called for and had a really good price at the end.
I will be calling LR Electrical for future electrical needs!


Nirmaljit Rathee

I recently got Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Plus installed by LR Electrical LLC. Luis Rivera from LR Electrical LLC performed an awesome job. I highly recommend them for security installations and electrical projects!
The floodlight cam installation requires a junction box and we didn’t have any, however, Luis Rivera was still able to manage and install this security floodlight cam perfectly. Luis also gave correct advice with regards to the proper placement of the floodlight where it would give the maximum coverage benefit. Luis performed the installation seamlessly and confirmed that the installation was working properly before leaving.



Louis saved the day. We had no power in garage and no lights after the first day moving in to new house. Louis fixed the issues quickly and restored power to the garage. I highly recommend him for all of your electrical needs.

Get More Electrical Power And The Freedom Of Using More Appliances And Electronics In A Safe Way