How Much Does It Cost to Install Power for an Above Ground Pool

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When an above-ground pool is professionally installed, it needs to be done by a licensed electrician because an electrical power system will be required for optimal use of the pool. LR Electrical LLC has helped many Delaware homeowners enjoy a newly installed pool by safely connecting an efficient power system to fuel pool pumps, lights, power shut off, water heaters, and other components.

If you recently bought a pool, or are considering making the purchase, keep in mind, you will need to hire a licensed professional to take care of the installation.

Average Cost for Electrical Installation

When you hire an electrician in Delaware, hourly rates will vary depending on the contractor you hire. Average Hourly Rate: $50 to $150. Depending on the pool size, the time it will take to complete the job will vary. 

During the installation process, the electrician will connect an electrical line to the pool to power the pump, lights, heater, and filter. The process will be completed diligently to ensure the wires and outlets are safely installed away or shielded from the water.  Here at LR Electrical LLC, we offer custom prices that are based on the following: 

  • Size of the pool
  • The time it takes to complete the installation
  • How many components need to be connected to the power grid
  • The distance from the pool to the electrical panel


In average the cost to install power to an above ground pool is between $1,500 to $3,000 in most cases its about $2,000.

Our electrical services are customized, particularly regarding above-ground pool installations, because most components are optional. For example, a heat pump is not a necessary add on but, rather, a luxury addition for pools that will be used during colder temperatures. Additionally, installing lights is also an add on that is not always requested. Therefore, when it comes to the total cost, you would work off the hourly rate and how long it takes to complete the project.

Is it Necessary to Pay an Electrician to Install Power to a Pool

Setting up an electrical system is inherently dangerous. But when you add water to the mix, it makes the installation process that much more complex and risky. Hiring a licensed electrician with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools comes at a price, but that price ensures you and your home are safe from electrical malfunctions and fires.

If your pool includes a water heater, filter, pump, or lights, you should speak with a licensed electrician. In most cases, new wiring and circuits are to be installed, in which case, hiring an electrician will ensure you avoid dangerous surprises down the road.


As established above, hiring an electrician to install power for an above-ground pool is relatively affordable. If you are prepared with all the necessary components, you will only pay for time and labor. The electricians at LR Electrical LLC take the risk out of installing power to an above-ground pool, and we do it at an affordable cost. If your pool is sitting idle, waiting to be used, get in touch with us by filling out the contact form or give us a call to schedule onsite consultation. We will be happy to help you get it up and running.