How Much Does It Cost to Wire a Basement?

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Everyone wants to have a fully finished basement that can be used for more than just storage. In order to make the most of your basement, you need a licensed electrician on site. A certified electrical contractor will make sure to wire your basement to perfection.

Like every homeowner, you want to know what basement wiring costs before you invest your energy into the process. We at LR Electrical LLC are here to let you know about the expected costs, what goes into the pricing, and more.

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New Basement Wiring Prices

Before even taking a look at your basement, any seasoned professional should be able to let you know what the average residential basement wiring project costs a homeowner. In today’s age, new basement projects such as these will cost a homeowner upward of $4,000 to $12,000 on average. That said, there are times when it might cost less—and times when the homeowner might be expected to pay a little more.

What Influences the Cost of Electrical Services?

There are many factors that can impact the price of a new basement wiring project. How many lights do you want in the basement? How many receptacles would you prefer to have throughout the basement? These factors influence the price greatly.

As for the receptacles, these will either be 15-amp or 20-amp receptacles. Do you intend to install heavy-duty appliances in your new basement? 20-amp receptacles will be necessary. Your electrician will discuss matters such as these with you during the initial consultation phase of the project.

Additional factors that will influence the price of service include:

  • Does the electrical panel have enough power or enough space for more breakers?
  • Does the basement require a sub-panel?
  • Inclusion of bathroom, bar, home theater, kitchen, or fireplace
  • Installation of multiple circuits
  • And more


The age of your home will also influence the price of the new basement wiring process. At the end of the day, the more your electrician knows about the property and your expectations, the more accurate estimate they’ll be able to provide you at the outset.

How Many Outlets Do You Need?

Do you intend on having spare bedrooms, a living room, or a workspace in your basement? Or do you only intend to install your laundry machine in the basement? What you wish to do with your basement in the future will also influence the cost of new basement wiring. If you intend on spending lots of time in the basement, you will likely need many outlets and many circuits. As always, the more work your electrician needs to conduct, the more expensive the project will be.

Learn More About Basement Wiring

Do you have more questions about the wiring of your basement? Are you concerned that the joists and studs throughout the basement might make the work more challenging for contractors? Direct your questions to our team whenever they arise.