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A Healthy Electrical System Means An Enhanced Quality Of Life

Electricity is something we don’t really think about, but when it goes out… it’s a big deal. You can’t cook dinner, entertain guests, or be comfortable without power. Not to mention the modern appliances in your home might get damaged by the power surges and dips.

Electrical issues come in lots of forms. Maybe you’ve noticed a burning smell coming from the sockets when you try to plug in more electrical devices at once, or things don’t plug in properly. These and many other signs can suggest that there’s an issue with your electrical system that needs to be fixed before they become a danger.

The Most Common Signs Suggesting Your Electrical System Might Have A Problem

Unusually High Electric Bill

High electric bills can be the result of one too many power surges, or in some cases, a serious accident. If that is the case, finding and fixing the damage will not only save you a lot of money but also help protect your home from a potential fire hazard.

Power Sags

These can be attributed to faulty or substandard devices connected to the grid that are drawing a lot of current (i.e. power hogs). When multiple powerful appliances in your home are plugged in at the same time, you might notice voltage dips, which means your power grid may not support such load.

Power Surges

Frequent bursts of electricity will degrade your home's electric components over time if not addressed quickly. If you experience frequent power surges, we recommend you find out what’s wrong and not risk damaging expensive devices in your home.

Buzzing, Flickering, And Dimming Lights

When some lights in your home are lighter than others or you hear buzzing sounds coming from them, there might be an issue with one or more wires, a faulty electromagnetic field, or a faulty switch mechanism. If not fixed soon, these issues might progress into short circuits and even fire hazards.

Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is an important safety feature, as it regulates the power supply in your home. If your circuit breaker trips too often, it’s either a sign of a short-circuit, an overload of power usage , or an issue with your ground fault protection. It’s not something you should take lightly.

Burning Plastic Smell

Your nose knows, so you’d better trust it. It's a good idea to use your sense of smell when suspecting any electrical issue in your home. If you detect smoke or weird smells, it might be time for an expert opinion.

How It Works

No matter what the trouble is with your electrical system, our ultimate goal is to identify it and make sure it becomes just a bad memory. While we work on fixing it, we’ll make sure to offer you the best experience possible. Here is how we do it:

Quick Call

We start by having a quick call where we talk about the specific signs you observed, then we’ll schedule an on-site consultation to assess the situation in detail.

Assessment And Report

Once we find the cause of your electrical problem, we’ll be able to give you an exact estimate and a timeline for fixing it. We’ll keep you updated at every step so you can make informed decisions on what you wish to happen next.

Enjoy A Safe Electrical System

After your electrical system is up to date and running again, it’s time you enjoy safety and comfort at home. We’ll make sure to give you proper advice and recommendations to help you keep it in great shape for as long as possible.

Learn More About Our Process

Electrical Troubleshooting Prices

A troubleshooting service is the first thing to consider when you suspect something is wrong with your electrical system. Since we never know what we’ll find on-site and what’s needed to fix it, we developed a pricing approach that is both fair and affordable while allowing us to serve your needs with utmost care and dedication.

On-Site Assessment


Includes two hours of detailed electrical system troubleshooting. We identify the main cause of your system failure and provide you with a detailed report of the assessment. In 80% of the cases, two hours is enough to identify and fix a simple to medium issue.

Recommendations And Additional Repairs


Sometimes we won’t be able to identify the cause of the electrical system failure in two hours. If major repairs are required and the time we need to address them exceeds the initial two hours, we will inform you of any extra costs before proceeding with the hourly rate.

Damaged Parts Replacement

Custom Price

More complex issues can require installing new parts that might involve additional costs. If this is your case, we’ll give you our recommendations and let you know what the costs are before proceeding with the repair.

Electrical Troubleshooting Portfolio

Whether the cause for your electrical system damage is simple or a very complex one, we offer you competitive rates, excellent customer service, and an experienced team that will work with you to find the right solution for your needs. Browse our gallery below and see some of the most popular electrical issues we’ve handled successfully.


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Address Your Electrical Issues And Enjoy A Safe, Efficient, And Cost-Effective Home