Conveniently Charge Your Car at Home

Hire us for EV charger installation services in Dover & Camden, DE

Did you purchase an electric vehicle? Charging it using a standard outlet can take a long time. If you charge your car using an electric vehicle charger, it will charge much more quickly. LR Electrical & Remodeling provides EV charger installation services in Dover & Camden, DE. We'll install your EV charger correctly and efficiently. You can count on us to do the job right the first time.

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What EV chargers can we install?

You probably don't want to wait all day for your electric vehicle to charge. If you're ready to charge your vehicle in half the time, turn to us for electric car charger installation services. We can install:

  • 40-amp chargers
  • 50-amp chargers
  • 60-amp chargers
  • 100-amp chargers
Don't put off the electric car charger installation services you need. Contact us now.